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Time to Boycott Tuna Again? By MARK BITTMAN
I wish I'd been in La Jolla a couple of weeks ago to see the green inflatable airship flying overhead with a cartoon mermaid on one side. She was curvy and blonde, with a cigarette in her mouth and a bloody fish impaled on her trident. Around her was text that read, "Chicken of the Sea: Carnage in a Tuna Can."

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Greenpeace sends a message to the headquarters of Chicken of the Sea canned tuna company in San Diego, California, September 7, 2011.

"Migratory species, especially large pelagics like billfish, tunas and sharks, are among the most economically valuable of fish but present approaches to management are failing them badly. We desperately need to offer greater protection to this spectacular but vulnerable fauna or some species might disappear altogether. Establishing fully protected reserves in areas where those species are most under pressure from fisheries could help maintain their long-term survival."
- Professor Callum Roberts, University of York

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